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Just a few, only got far as my Sorc.

Mako and Vette - both cute as a button and generally nice to have around, i always find it hard to be darkside when vette is around.

Kira - More human than most Jedi, also as with Vette and mako she has a nice personality which keeps me from going crazy and killing people.

Khem Val - If you had of asked me a few months ago i would never have said Khem, but as time has gone on and i understand him more he has grown on me.

Ashara Zavros - Same as most of the female companions, she is a little niave though which can be a bit annoying. Yes i'm not a darkside inquisitor but that doesnt make me a jedi.

Talos Drellik - I have a love for history and learning so he was always going to be a favourite of mine, it was nice to get a companion who wasn't a blodthirsty monster, a cold pirate or a naive girl.
The siege of Coruscant was in fact brought to an end after the republic agreed to give the Empire a Shrubbery, one that looked nice and wasn't too expensive.