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01.02.2013 , 06:29 PM | #77
1. I hate blind invites. If someone sends me an unsolicited invite, they will be declined, if they repeatedly send an invite over and over without preamble, they get ignored.

2. I prefer to RP while playing, especially when doing PVE. Without knowing if the other person feels the same, I won't accept. If the invite was preceded by an in character proposition of why we should work together, I'd be much more likely to accept.

3. PVE is too easy as it is. Playing PVE in a big group makes the game unchallenging.

4. As I play for RP, if someone has a non-Starwarsy name, especially a dumb joke or pop culture refrence, I wil not give them the time of day,

5. Part of RP for me is pacing. I can proceed at my own pace, and other players who throw out blind invites may not share that.

So I generally solo or play with a friend.