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A lot of people have touched on my reasons for solo'ing (want to go at my own pace, don't want to deal with other people, don't like blind Group invites (*)), but one I didn't see was this: I feel like I learn how to play the game (and my character) better soloing.

I solo'ed a Healer Sage from levels 1-50. I also played a Gunslinger with a friend of mine playing a Healer Sage who grouped from Level 20-50. He soloed a bit on Corellia and was getting tooled by some Elite; I suggested "Use your interrupt" during some difficult boss fight and he said, "Which one is my interrupt?"

Running with two other players the whole time, he never had to really learn his character, while I had to just to survive.

OTOH, I do understand the need to group some of the time as well. I've started playing that Sage in endgame content on occasion, and it's been a huge learning curve having to transition from running the combats in my rhythm and instead having to deal with/take care of other people. If I'd done more group content while leveling, I'd probably be better at it.

(*) - Trufax, I logged a character on on Coruscant just to check my mail/send a Companion out on a crew mission and got a blind Group invite. I hadn't been on for more than 15 seconds at the time. W T F?
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