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Actually, it's harder for me to describe the companions I don't like. Mostly because I like the majority of them. Takes a lot to get on my "WTH do you think you are, you waste of space on my ship?" list, anyway. I'll narrow it down to my favorite five, then. So in order:

(1) Torian Cadera tops my list. He has a truly impressive sense of honor and dedication. Of all companions, he seems the one who's most centered. This is a guy who knows exactly who he is, what he wants, and how he's going to go about getting it. He's absolutely yummy a character.

(2) Malavai Quinn comes in at a close second. The word I use to describe him is "fascinating". I just think he's the most interesting of the companion characters, from start to finish. He's smart, skilled, tenacious. There's very little about Quinn that I didn't like, in fact.

(3) Vette is just plain adorable. The way my warrior met her was perfection. Every time she talks I think of that initial meeting, "Chirp, chirp, chirp!" I can see her easily fitting into the crazy, hectic world of my Sith warrior, wreaking havoc with just plain awesome humor.

(4) Corso Riggs is the most incredible cowboy of a character. I can easily see him riding bucking brontos for the sheer fun of the effort. That, and he provides the most awesome foil for my smuggler character. He's pure pleasure.

(5) Khem Val makes the list, too. I think of him like he's a fungus. You know, as in, he grows on you. Took a while as he kept threatening to devour my sorcerer, anyway. But there came a point where I sensed that his insulting "Little Sith" was becoming more of a affectionate phrase. That he suffered so much in order to save my sorcerer netted my own consideration. He's awesome.
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