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So far, I haven't come across any companions I hate. The only companion that I am not really fond of so far is Skadge. He's just boring and brutish.

I'm absolutely enamored with ever Agent companion except for SCORPIO, which I am just sort of "meh" about, she's cool, just not much to her, yet.

But between the Agent, Smuggler, Consular, and Bounty Hunter, all of which I have gone to 50 with, I am cool with all of them in general. Even the ones my character doesn't really get along with.

I never found a companion to be immersion breaking just because my character does not get along with them. In stories, in reality, there are acquaintances, co-workers, and family that will bug the crap out of you. It would be more immersion-breaking to me if I felt like everyone around me was my soulmate.
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