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01.02.2013 , 09:05 AM | #2
Well there are 2 ways to get back into your guy and both are kinda sucky but it's better then just rushing forwards and losing money to repairs.

#1 PVP: this option i really wouldn't recamend but it will get you back into tip top shape since there will be no pentaly for death and with the coms you get you can get some good gear for fleet while you do and also you will be getting money and xp so all in all a win win on all frounts and also you can get the daily from the fleet in the class leveling area to give you more xp and money, this is a good way to get used to a chariter since what you learn in pvp while leveling can used in PVE just as easly in PVP and like i said you don't lose anything from PVP only gain,

#2 RUNS: this is going to be a much harder one to do since you will be going full into the deepend with this but do instance's or in this games speach flashpoints, this is where they will short the men from the worms and also gives you a chance to get some good ideas in the group finder but i don't recamend this as a starting choice i would do some PVP first to get used to your guy fist then run some flash points to see if you have gotten the hang of your toon.

there is also a third option which is just ask on the fleet for some advice in my experance there is normaly a lot of people that will give really good advice on your toon there.