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well that is all down to what you want outta a story because really both of those storys are a snorefest sure at the start they are good but after act 1 they kinda suck but the BH is a bit better i beleave but you might like the smuggler well i'l just give i jist of what the storys are.

Will be short summry since i down want to really spoil anything if you don't want to know anything then just skip me then

all in all both are ok but i still found the BH to be the better one but that was just because i wanted to play the BH since before the game was released so i might be a bit byest thats not to say the smuggler's story isn't any better it was great and the chariters you meet as a smuggler has stuck with me a lot more then the BH's so i say just pick the one that has the play style you like better and just jump in. :3