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Pretty sure this is bugged for last 2 weeks

I do my Rakghoul Conflicts weekly every week on 4 different 50s I have and then run it even more for other guildies

The 3rd boss (Donkey Kong guy that jumps on pipes) has always been the toughest of the entire FP but I had it down to a fairly easy routine up until last week and this week.

Suddenly hes spitting at multiple targets at same time (us to be 1 target at a time for 5k ish damage each spit).
As Is aid, now hes hitting multiple targets at same time AND hitting them harder (today I was hit repeatably for 7.4k as were others)

Last week I had to stop using my campaign equiped commando and switch to my sage because it was just to much damage at different targets for the Commando to heal.

As the sage I use to barely be challenged, now we make it out of fight all under 20% health and barely holding on.

I no longer can do this one fight with my Commando healer, smuggler healer, Bounty Hunter healer.
ONLY my sage with his big aoe and force sheilds can squeek out this fight.

Now I didnt say anything last week and chalked it up to me just being off last week on healing
This week we tried with other sages and troopers and smuggler healers (all have successfully done LI HM before) and NONE OF THEM could survive the 3rd boss.
They all wiped repeatably and said same thing "to much damage to fast. Simply couldnt keep up now"

Pretty sure this a bug as rest of LI continues to function as per always, ONLY THIS FIGHT has been altered.
I looked for patch notes on it and saw nothing.

Not to mention this is made even more difficult with the guarenteed lag issues when boss leaps to pipes (every time he leaps up the group would lag 1-3 seconds before clearing up.) that have been around for as long as I can remember with that fight.

I dont know where to post this.
I sent in a bug report on crafting and you replied with useless form letter saying to post my ideas in suggestion forum (I was reporting a obvious bug, not making a suggestion beyond you fixing bug)
Its common knowledge the Suggestion Forum is where threads go to be ignored and die so not posting this there.
So posting in general in HOPES a mod will direct to a dev team for follow up

I can still finish the fight as my sage is VERY VERY VERY well equiped and designed with huge bonus healing numbers.
But my sage is not the common character, its at the upper end of gear

Im starting to understand why so many people in game saying LI HM impossible to do now.

PS: Let me be clear, Im not complaining about the challenge.
But I read these forums and see all the demands for things to be dumbed down when they are already simplistic beyond reason. So this new challenge will not be met with happiness I think.
Plus I dont think you meant to buff up that one boss so dramatically
I remember what the older version of this fight was like and Id almost say this one boss is behaving like Nightmare mode challenge and not HM challenge.

Thanks for your attention in this
In regards to lessening F2P and Preferred restrictions
In GAMING, as in LIFE,
You get what you pay for
No game restriction is so dire that $15.00/month will not eliminate it