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I dont think anyone will be surprised given how the first year went, and the lack of class story updates.
A shame really, even if understandable
Wonder how much had to change considering they had a lot of the writing pre done for the story,
Nice to see you still alive and kicking Darka!

You would have thought that perhaps they would have had those stories written and already recorded for the first official boxed expansion, well before the launch even occurred. Creating the scenes, worlds as content would have come after the game was live. At least that's what I thought when they said this was KOTOR 3,4,5 etc...

Maybe this is how they fleshed it out but lack the resources to push it out in a big expansion, or they're seeing if the clients will be more satisfied with a trickling effect, releasing content is smaller "cheap" mini-packs.

If we get Makeb, then 6 months later we get another content purchase for more character story and op content, then we can safely predict how content is going to come out. Regardless, the overall content trickle will still come in at a $40 price point if they release 4 content packs that equate a whole expansion.

It's not bad and the point of doing it would be because we are already at year one with no major expansion. It does allow for a catch up window, but also creates a snowball effect if they can't catch up.

Either way, we have no transparency from Bioware on their plans or what we can expect over the next year.

This is all speculation of course.
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