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Quote: Originally Posted by _biddan_ View Post
with a darth revan avatar i was expecting more love for revan's robes.
Well it's a Sith avatar so it kinda makes sense. Plus the Revan chest/robe can be bought on the GTN for less than 50k total now (at least on The Bastion).

Anyways, I've played Marauder, Sentinel, and Juggernaut to 50. I personally preferred my DS Warrior over my LS Warrior, so you might be missing out there. On the other hand, if you havent played the JK story at all then you're missing out on an amazing story. It almost feels like the "main" story line of this game.

Because you already played the Wariror and havent seen the Knight (both fantastic stories IMO), I would recommend deleting the Marauder so you can experience the Knight story.

If it were me though, I would delete another class because Knight/Warriors are what I feel to be the most fun classes in this game.
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