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This has made us question whether or not it's worth it anymore.
I'm in the same shuttle (boat) I don't want to leave but I just can't play with these spikes ... if they aren't fixed I'm going to have to seriously consider just what my $15US ($15-16AU) is paying for..
Telling a company that YES YOU HAVE A PROBLEM is impossible the companies are always going "no .. it couldn't be use we make games and run a mmo .. just because your computer is your life doesn't mean you know anything about it it must be your end"..

As to the Australia or Asian Pacific servers .. yeah I looked at them briefly when they first went up but I've always preferred the US servers.. I expect some lag with it.. after all I'm bouncing my connection around in space and all that a dozen times before it gets back to me.. so I'm used to a 400-600ms ping.. and thats fine .. SWTOR is more than playable at that latency ... at 200,000ms ... I think not
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