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01.01.2013 , 06:23 PM | #14
I've been saying this since they changed it. It looks really really bad now (the Inquisitor one).
They cut and sped up the animation so the ability would be instantaneous, dont know why they did that in the first place, they should have left both the Consulars and the Inquisitors alone to begin with. It wasnt a needed change IMO..

The original Force Wave was really cool the way it was, as was the original Project animation. All they really had to do with Project was maybe speed it up a tiny bit. And with Force Wave, make the effect radius slightly larger.

Project was one of the abilities that originally made me want to play a Consular, but for some reason they made it an instant ability where the rocks come up from the ground next to the enemy, maybe for PvP I dont know, but it's definately not as cool anymore.