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Didn't see a suggestion forum so I'm putting this here. At the end of the starting planets there needs to be a mission that sends the player not only to the fleet but to the advanced class trainer. So many new players miss the mission givers right off the elevadors and someone is always asking where to get their advanced class, I've even seen new players on the next world wondering where to get it. I know it's a common sense thing, you get off the elevador and there are mission givers right there, but some people just need a little push in the right direction.
I keep having similar issues. I was on Balmorra (Imperial) the other day and was overwhelmed by requests for help by newbies who had rushed through areas and not leveled up. To add to the problem, they were German players and therefore did not understand when I tried to explain that they needed to go back to Dromund Kaas and get their levels up. They were even wearing Lvl 11 grey kit! I finally found a German-speaking player who was able to help me explain to them, and they did go back.

But you can't blame Bioware: they give a tutorial at the beginning.