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Just admit you glossed right over all the other stupid stuff in the post
There is a rather substantial difference between glossing over something and simply not commenting on it. I didn't feel the need to comment on it because it was rather obvious that the OP's intent was to point out that having a class at 50 does not make you an expert at playing it, however he pretty much screwed the pooch by not actually knowing his own class or even the abilities for his spec.

The OP pretty much explicitly intended this as a "**** you!" to people telling other people how to play their classes, and he wasn't chastising them for screwing up the mechanics of the fight (which they did). He was chastising them for trying to tell him how to play the game after they had just screwed up (not to mention the various inconsistencies in the story: the DPS were knocked off but he somehow kept them up after they got knocked off even though the knockoff is an insta-gib, the tank was referred to as a Sentinel which calls into question the OPs actual knowledge about the game since it's pretty basic knowledge that Sents are pure DPS and relatively obvious thanks to the dual wielding), not to mention the various expletives that pretty much demonstrate that the OP didn't really post it calmly as a rebuke to those people that tell other people how to play their classes by virtue of having one of those at 50 (I actually do this, but I doubt anyone would make the claim that I don't "know my ****").

The entire situation spoken of by the OP was a monumental comedy of errors, but the fact that the OP chose to specifically call out the behavior of class knowledge based on having other 50s means that, honestly, that factor should be held to a higher standard. Not knowing that his own class and spec has 4 rather than 2 ammo consuming heals while telling other people that they shouldn't think they know more about his class than he does is *massively* hypocritical, which was my entire point. Don't get on your high horse about people needing to stop telling you how to play your own class while simultaneously demonstrating that you don't (like the Balance Shadows that inevitably crop up in the GF that use TkT Balance Sages do or VGs that use Full Auto).

If he had instead elected to say "don't tell me how to play unless you actually know how to play yourself", I would have commented differently since it was pretty obvious that the DPS and tank probably had no idea where to tank the boss or how to avoid dying while the healer was at least partially cogent. But the OP chose to make a case about *class knowledge* which is where the hypocrisy lies and why I called him out on it.
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