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I've been having this issue since 1.6 went live...
I've been playing since closed beta so thank you but I am very aware of everything my computer does in relation to your game..
Since 1.6 I've been having packet losses ingame.. this is the ONLY thing it can be as I have checked connection on my end and even spoken to iinet (Australia) to see if it was something their end and it is only on your game as I play a number of MMO's and other online games with no issues what-so-ever.

If you like I can provide you with a screen-shot showing my latency of 248915 ms .... yes that's TWO HUNDRED FORTY EIGHT THOUSAND, NINE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN ... and that's where it stopped counting.
On occussion it is enough to drop me completely from the game but 95% of the time I get packets back after a couple of minutes and it runs .. all be it extremely laggy again.
I KNOW you are aware of the DNS issue as it has been raised on another thread from whoever runs your servers..
So I do understand its not BIOWARE or EA its the service provider you use that runs your server farm.. they have an issue with one of their DNS things...

I truly love the game and have been playing a long while now .. but this latency spike thing is driving me insane.. PLEASE PLEASE have someone either speak to your (BIOWARE / EA) server farm manager or look at getting a new one..
As I pointed out above I live in Australia and I play on the US servers .. I'm very aware my ping sits normally around 500-700ms and that's fine its a price I pay for playing in US with fantastic people and guilds... but the current latency spikes IS NOT NORMAL.
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