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12.31.2012 , 04:00 AM | #1
Now there's more people in this game who are playing, and now more players do planetary heorics. And the chat is flooded with advertising that someone or some are looking for a group to do a heroic.

Why not add a specific group finder for heroics, so you can choose on wich planet and wich heroic/heroics you want to do, and what role you are. In that case, all players on the whole server would be pleased and all will go faster and smoother. Rather than spam the chat with "LFG...." :) But i understand, i do so myself when i want some help with a heroic, but with a group finder for heroics would help a LOT. Do you agree or not agree? Or have i missed something? I mostly use Group finder for Flashpoints.

And i post this here because i belive SWTOR staff reads here more often than on the suggestion box.