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See, the thing is, I think the system does work as intended. I believe the need / greed system persists because it effectively makes players grind for longer than they would have otherwise. That means more concurrent users, longer play times for current content, and overall more subs.

Think about it. An item pops up for a roll. You* can see it, you want it, but you don't get it because someone else wins it, fairly or not. You may be disappointed this time, but now you know the item is out there and is, at least in theory, attainable. You may even get a sense of how frequently it will pop up.
* "You" as in anyone - not you specifically.
The system does NOT work as intended for that exact reason. The rolls are called NEED and GREED not WANT and SELL or MINE or F*** OFF ALL FOR ME

Need means you NEED the item not want the item, you need an item that you can use, you WANT an item you can sell (or your comp can use but thats just IMO). Given the situation described above, a BH rolling NEED on an item NEITHER HE NOR HIS COMP can use does not make that item needed, it makes that item WANTED.

If the system was working properly, people who roll need get the item they need. Just change it from need/greed/disassemble/pass to want/pass, roll want you all have the same shot at it, roll pass you get no shot at it. That would be the proper labeling of the current system, not Need/Greed.