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...or it's the older players who realize how the game actually works, and how little the "common morality" actually means.
In terms of gameplay, common morality means nothing. It's not even a game where you can actually see your teammates and therefore hope that people will not act like the a*****s they are in real life out of shame. it's a virtual world where anyone can be as immoral as he/she wants and get away with it.

But it doesn't always have to be about rules and regulations. Sometimes, common sense can be just as productive and people can just choose not to be idiots. And people need to remember that behind those cartoon characters they see onscreen, there are some other people who are also spending their time and putting an effort into the game.

I don't understand what you mean by "how the game actually works".
What good is, for example, BH gear for a sorcerer who doesn't even have an Aim-using companion? Why would a sorc need on a BH columi or rakata piece if not to just be an a*****e because he can or to sell the gear for a few credits that he could've made with 10mins of crafting?

The point is this: People in games have anonymity that sometimes empowers their worst traits.
Of course we'd like a different system better, but that's the one we have and we can make it work if we stop being greedy for a bit.
So, ultimately, no matter what Bioware does to fix a system that is not working as intended (with the exception of getting rid of it and replacing it with something new) there is no guarantee that people will not act greedy, because some people are innately greedy.