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doesnt just happen from new players. older ones are far worse imo. there is a difference between not knowing and not caring.
I agree.
Plus, new players usually don't know what gear is for them and what isn't. The funny thing is that when you explain it to them they are more than willing to give the armor to the person who can actually use it. It's the older players that fail to realize that what they're doing is wrong.

When I roll an alt, I almost never need on anything even if it's for my class, especially if I find out that my teammates are new. There's no point. As an old player I have enough credits to buy the best gear for my toon and keep him geared to the teeth up till 50, so why take it from someone who actually needs it? the only time I need is for looks and even then only if no one else can use it.

However, OP, nothing can be done about this issue.
I'm as frustrated as you are but apart from ignoring people or only doing Ops/FPs with your guildmates, I don't see how this could change. Also keep in mind that the rules of looting are not in the game rules, it has more to do with being a good person than a good player. Bioware could start banning people for doing it and there would be some who'd keep on doing the same like nothing's changed. In the end, it's a manners thing; not everyone has them.