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12.29.2012 , 04:32 AM | #2
At the $450 price point I'd say no. They use some fine parts at the mid high point. evga gskill etc are respectable names
Doin a quick few builds tells me they are not great deals by any means either. THe fact you get the cases psu scares me a bit to. if you dont know anything about parts and have no other computer stores available I'd go i5 or higher, any ram, any burner,any hdd, the gtx 630 should be able to pull it off, but i really dont know my nvidia cards since my 6800sli setup. The 77xx ati card certainly should.
also keep in mind the wide spread performance issues being claimed with high end parts.
I was getting 20 ish fps with i7@4.5,16 gigs ram, 6970 crossfire, ssd hdds's etc.
After tryin every configuration possible I was ready to give up, but my monitor saved me. I was using my 27" monitor to play but I have a smaller 120hz monitor as well( play fps's on) , when I removed the refresh rate in a .ini file and changed the max fps to 120. BAM!!! 100 fps max settings.
(SWTOR) caps at 100 for whatever reason.