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So this was suggested numerous times throughout beta and this is why we have the fleet pass in the first place. That was their solution to solving some of the quick travel issues.

Also with the spacestation thing, you are actually able to take the shuttle straight to your ship from the ground on all the planets I have seen, making you bypass the station altogether on your way off the planet. So yeah you see it as you land there, so it makes sense gameplay wise, that you aren't just magically on the ground with no spacedock planet side.

I would agree that it would be nice to have a ship pickup button, but honestly if you look at the cannon, you almost always had to land your ship at a spacestation or spaceport planet side, then travel where you wanted to go by speeder. You didn't just hop on your ship and fly to where you wanted to go. Everything in the game for the most part needs to stick with cannon and not break that or what is the point of playing? You are removing the star wars from the experience and then you might as well just strip everything else away.

As a matter of alleviating the stress of jumping through loading screens you got fleet pass. You also got the ability to quick travel to any location you have "discovered" these are both the products of beta testers pleading for something to make this a little better. I am actually happy with what we have now.
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