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Of course it's doable by 3 people in tionese... with voice communication, previous experience, knows their class well etc. Are you kidding me?

The fact you seem to be forgetting is the argument is the gear should not be recommended for fresh 50 PuGs for this flashpoint, try playing with a random PuG group from group finder with everyone in just tionese and see if you get far.

The argument that "you can do it in tionese so everyone else can" is a bit like the devs turning around and saying they can do TFB naked now so it won't drop gear any more.

Gear requirements should be about finding a perfect balance of something that's not too easy but not too hard either, not just finding someone that's done it once in a certain piece of gear and saying that's the requirement.
And what you are saying is "EC HM should drop better pieces since most players need BH to pass it". they sucks, they are not rewarded, end of the story.

This FP drops THREE COLUMI PIECE and ONE RAKATA. The COLUMI MH and the RAKATA CHEST are REALLY HARDER to get in an operation. Holu hell, I wonder what's next ? This FP should drop some level 63 piece, like MH, offhand ?

If you can't pass it in Tionese, don't come here and post "OMG OMG OMG THIS IS TOO HARD !!! NERF NERF NERF OR bETTER LOOT OMG OMG OMG" but "what can I do to be better ?". This a the difference between a Noob and a Newb(ie) :
-The Noob is bad but doesn't accept it. He asks for nerfs and better loot when he cannot pass something. And if someone shows them the truth (Mox is a possibility), he blames the gear.
-The Newbie is bad (in most cases, he's discovering and needs practice) but he knows it. He tries to become better.

this FP is balanced for Tionese, like TfB HM is balanced for a full 61-geared group. EC HM is balanced for a full 58-geared group, without augments. We proved it by ceaning them, and EC HM in Rakata without augments is harder than LI HM in Tionese .....