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Of course it's doable by 3 people in tionese... with voice communication, previous experience, knows their class well etc. Are you kidding me?

The fact you seem to be forgetting is the argument is the gear should not be recommended for fresh 50 PuGs for this flashpoint, try playing with a random PuG group from group finder with everyone in just tionese and see if you get far.

The argument that "you can do it in tionese so everyone else can" is a bit like the devs turning around and saying they can do TFB naked now so it won't drop gear any more.

Gear requirements should be about finding a perfect balance of something that's not too easy but not too hard either, not just finding someone that's done it once in a certain piece of gear and saying that's the requirement.
The fact that 3 people in Tionese can do it immediately means it can be done by 4 people in Tionese, New 50 or not. Just because it is challenging that way does not mean it is not intended as such. For some reason players like expect to be spoonfed instead of you trying to get better in the game. Why do you want standards to fall to your level, instead of you striving to reach up the higher standard, and demand that you get fed?
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