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Having completed all 8 stories, my personal opinion is that the storyline is alright, but I found it to be the second to last story in terms of how interesting it was. Mind you, I consider it leaps and bounds better than the last place storyline, which I consider to be horribly done(as anyone who has seen one of my SI rants can tell you).

As for why I rank it so low? I really can't give any kind of concrete reason for it. I just found it less interesting than the 6 stories that I rank above it. I guess I would say that I consider it competently done, but the other 6 are well done to amazing. To some extent, it just didn't draw me in. For example:

As to the information in your spoiler:


I guess the bottom line for why it ranks so low is that I just didn't care about a lot of what was going on for one reason or another.
That's fair, but then I find myself feeling the same about the IA story. I was expecting all sorts of amazing and what I get.... was something less.

However I was playing a LS JC. I have heard that the storyline feels considerably worse if you play a DS JC. My understanding is that the game doesn't really react when the JC makes DS. You geefully kill off multiple masters of the Jedi order? Oh well, they weren't important anyways. So that disconnect may be part of why some people dislike the story so much.
I don't find that to be a particularly compelling critique either. All the masters have done terrible things. Half of them ask you to kill them. Yoda wanted Obi-Wan to kill Anakin, and when he wimped out, he wanted Luke to do it. It's not necessarily problematic to kill the masters. It's just not the best outcome.
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