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I tend to identify with my characters alot so...

Trooper - Human, Body Type 3
Smuggler - Human, Body Type 3 (tried BT2, lasted to level 15 and couldn't take the "narrow shoulders" anymore, rerolled as a BT3 )
Knight - Human, Body Type 3
Consular - Human, Body Type 2 (I was worried about this one, but with the right clothes the "narrow shoulders" problem is not noticeable ).

Bounty Hunter - Human, Body Type 3
Agent - Cyborg, Body Type 2 (he is an agent, the cybernitic implants came with the job)
Warrior - Sith Pureblood, Body Type 3
Inquisitor - Sith Pureblood, Body Type 2 (family was desgraced and he ended up in slavery, his Force sensitivity removed him from slavery)

As you can see, very much "human" or "human-like" all the way.
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