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Why people solo in a mmo period?
After all if you want to play alone play a singeplayer game.

I am awaiting your responses.
A common misconception.

MMO is so much more than grouping together to overcome content. MMO is economy, MMO is community, MMO is playing against others as much as playing with them. MMO is competition as well as cooperation. But above all, MMO is freedom of choice.

On some characters, I only grouped once or twice in total, yet I wasn't playing a singleplayer game. I was most certainly playing an MMO. I crafted, bought, sold, bought low and sold high, I ganked players in the open world, got my own arse handed to me when I got caught with my pants down. I had good times chatting in /1. Can I do all this in a single player game? Nope. This is, most definitely, an MMO experience.
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