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Several reasons for this - at least in my case.

First, like others have already pointed out, don't invite out of the blue. Ask first. If they don't respond, it's their choice and taking offense in that is rather silly. *You* want this person to group with you, not the other way around.

Second, I prefer to play at my own pace. To listen to parts of dialogue that I like, to skip those I don't, to grab resources without delaying others - and to not carry/be delayed by Powertech #9001 in half Str gear (NEED 4 RKT PUNCH K?), accompanied by Mako in a bikini, that scavanges every frakking dead droid in the vicinity and spends most of the fight overheated.

Third, on most of my characters, I can usually solo 95% of the planetary content, including some H4s which are not centered on fighting. What I can't solo, I do with a general chat-formed group, or skip it altogether.
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