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People can be idiots.
I just created a Bounty Hunter last week and was questing on Hutta. I got through most of it fast and was close to finishing my class quest. I'm on a side quest when someone sends me an invite for an area it looks like he needed help in. I accept even though I didn't need the help. I figured he did. So we get to an instanced area he can't get into (he must have just completed the quest) and he follows me in.
There's a champion that I could have taken out myself with Mako but still, we take him down and he drops purple loot with Aim. So I wait to see if he is going to greed it and he immediately NEEDS on it! So I need on it too but he wins the roll. Now I'm pissed so I leave the area and quit the group.

People like that piss me off and is the reason I prefer to solo content unless it's with my son, wife or guild. Even then I only group to help my wife or son and my guild only for FPs, Heroics or dailies. Plus having to split loot sucks as well. They don't give you enough credits when grouping which they should.
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