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12.25.2012 , 10:06 AM | #13
i dont for a few reasons.

a tell would be nice but not needed. it will show consideration. at times it isnt needed when there is only the two of you there waiting for a respawn.

when in a group while on a speeder there is a bug when you are in combat and you jump off your companion doesnt summon and then cant be re summoned until it is over. for some this isn't a problem but for a healer it can take me forever to kill something. for a dps not having my healing companion there it can also be problematic. also if there are more than two of you in a group your companion will immediately go away placing you in the same situation as above. not cool getting a invite while in combat or being placed in it shortly after low on power and hit points.

my toons are well geared and companions have godmode presence to aid them. if there are too many people killing the same thing or in the area i just move on or wait my turn.