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This really bug's mo.

When i am in a area questing and i see someone doing the EXACT same quest i useall invite them.
It offer's both of us extra xp and we dont fight over mobs.

But 90% of the time i get diclined.


Even if your not interested in turning in the quest togather grouping at the very least allow for mob sharing.

So explain to me why people outright refuse to group for a couple of min get the rewards then leave:S

It just doesnt make sense.
Just keep in mind that in some cases if you don't play up to other people's standards, then they will vote kick you fast. I PUG'd a HM FP with a group of 3 others in all the same guild. Make sure you do your role really well or they will call you out on it and drop you fast. They can be cruel about it as well, but I suppose they feel they wasted their time having you in their group (if you are bad) so perhaps it all depends on your point of view. It is the same if you play on a sports team or work for a living. You are there to contribute and if you are a detriment to the group, then you need to be benched or fired.

I try to learn my class and role well, but slipped that time because it was an Alt I got to 50 who I simply didn't take the time to really find a solid rotation for and is only in Tionese/Recruit right now. Better gear and more skill will hopefully remedy being a "bad"...or in the words of the PUG group I was in "L2P!!!"