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My my. Just wait till you grow up an try to get help on the big ones. Your in for a real disappointment. You need to try and form your own group of friends as you play. Very few people will go out of their way to help.

In the beginning, I also was up for teams but never had much success. Most people have there own agendas. I also never saw a real difference with the shared features of this gamesí parties. I always could run a mission or dungeon with much more profit by myself, and do it at my own speed, which allows me to experience all given content.

But, the very biggest thing for going solo, was and is that you build a much tougher toon. I see party people all the time that are about 2 to 4 levels below average level. Which is the difference of taking the boss out or not. But the other side of Parties are that you have more funÖ and do it faster. So, make your own friend base as you play and you will be way ahead, when you get to higher planets.

Then comes the real fail of this gameÖ when you grow up(lvl 50) you will need special armor and this takes much needed patience, time and friends, for several reasons. That is if you want to experience the upper end of War Zones and Operations. These levels are where you will find people are not very nice, thatís all imma going to say about that.

Donít get me wrong. I personally will help anyone in this game, almost anytime. Thatís because I have played most content and most of my characters are developed. Iíll even go as far as bringing a similar level on, just to have some fun, because my higher level characters in a lower mission or dungeon can not die, so that takes the fun out of it for you. Thatís also where I loose out in profit. I greed all choices. Just my nature.

So, hope this helps you understand as to why people solo and not partyÖ