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12.25.2012 , 07:22 AM | #6
For myself - I agree with the person above who said "Say something first". Getting a group inv out of the blue is the same as getting a guild inv out of the blue to me. Both get declined without a thought.

Also - having accepted a few invites before, I'm rather leery about that whole thing. People spam an invite, then have to go back to town for something, then we have to wait on their buddy - who usually immediately dies or does something stupid ... like bounce around like a rabbit with adhd and promptly jumps off the cliff or something = more waiting. Then there's usually something else like - "hey wanna do this group quest quick?" Which is usually another whole circus because even tho it's a group mission, people think they can solo it because - well, we're in a group right? So everyone runs off to a different part of the instance ... and the predictable happens.

so ... yeah. Send me an invite out of the blue, without talking to me first ... you'll get declined every time.

Me - I'll wait a couple levels and then solo the group instances ... it's more fun that way anyway + you REALLY get to know your class that way.