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I usually get suspicious when they try to use that claim as "proof" of how wonderful they are compared to "wage slaves" like myself. Repeatedly. To the point where I wonder whom exactly they're trying to convince...

...but I see no point otherwise. If people are exaggerating, well this is a role-playing group site and I see no real harm. If not exaggerating then it sounds like they have an interesting career. So why bother with poorly-veiled accusations?

Though I'll probably exaggerate about the types of people who call me. Only slightly. I promise. (Maybe I should roll up a Sith Inquisitor, I hear they can use force lightning in cutscenes... "What's the 'any' key?" *ZOT* "I find your lack of clue... disturbing.")
I was thinking the exact same thing when I opened the thread. Dude is either seriously Republican and loves to brag about his financial superiority, or its a dumb kid or old loser trying to make friends by seeming important.

I'm 31, a carpenter working as a foreman(depending on the project) for a company that probably moves around a few million a year, but honestly I have no clue. Gaming is the only hobby that stuck for me, and I'll be doing it until I die.