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I've noticed that pure spec'd Jugg Tanks are becoming a rare quality too. However, I remain true to my Immortal spec'd tank. Unlike others, I use 36/3(Single Saber Mastery)/2(Decimate) for my Jugg. I may not do a lot of damage compared to those who have gone the hybrid route; however, I do have staying power, can stand up too and tie up 3 or 4 opponents while my team mates burn them down or take the objective. I defend my healer to my last breath and a node.

I enjoy playing him and very satisfied with how I have geared (all in augmented (fortitude) WH). I know there will be those who condemn me for speccing out the way I have, but the tree in its entirety gives my Jugg the ability to stand in the middle of a hot warzone taking a pounding, soaking up damage whereas my team mates are not. Thus is the life of a true tank.
Please school me on this because I don't have a high level jugg and I also took a break.
People are speccing into the tank tree and then complaining not enough dps?

Is the difference vast? and if so, does it not make up the difference in tanking?

I thought the whole point of tanking tree is to absorb damage and aggro/taunt.
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