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I think anger and fear are for losers and for the weak. These two emotions don't fit with SIth "survival of the strongest" behaviour and their winner mentality. Anger greatly diminishes ones focus and mental performance and consequently increases chance for errors. Winners have no reason to be angry while losers do. As for fear, fear is a powerful weapon so therefore the Sith should induce fear and terror into their enemies, not the other way around. A Sith who is afraid sounds pathetic and weak.

I think the ideal Sith would be unbound by any moral standards and would have the Sith efficiency and disregard for weak and Jedi calmness and focus. When I was playing my Sith characters I went by that mentality. I always chose conversation responses that had calmness, wit and mocking attitude. This makes you look like you always have things under control and that nothing can get to you. I never chose options that included anger. I enjoyed the most when Jedi opponent got angry and I would preach to him, make fun of him and tell him how pathetic he is. To me anger is not only a loser emotion but also makes one look unintelligent.

EDIT (Added this to clarify my argument):
My argument is not just about about how anger works in a Star Wars in respect to the force power. I am completely aware that in Star Wars canon anger provides pathway to more power. I am mainly saying two things. First is that I dislike this concept. And second (most important) is that I think anger makes one look lame and unintelligent. I much prefer the Sith who appear to have everything under control. For example Emperor in ROTJ, grinning and enjoying or Vader chocking officers while calmly making witty and sarcastic remarks (despite them failing him and giving him the reason for anger he appeared like nothing can get to him). That is what looks badas and cool. And that is why they so great villains.
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