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The "charging" of the Assassin's lightsaber is aesthetically horrible in my opinion, I don't like my red lightsaber to be flashing black and purple for god knows what reason. I made a Shadow and a Sorceror, rather than a Sage and an Assassin, because Jedi are usually more about martial prowess rather than flashy Force powers. Leave the lightning to the Sorceror, who does it best. The animations are also much smoother on the shadow.

As for throwing pebbles, Telekinetic Throw is only used by one spec of Shadow, and even then it's only if you go all the way up the tank tree. The other specs only use Project which is a really cool animation in my opinion, especially if you are specced into the double proc.

Supposedly the Assassin was "based off" Darth Maul, but he didn't use any Lightning in the movie, so it just seems like a disconnect to me.
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