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I've repeatedly tried to play Shadow and just can't get over how silly force-pebbles is and how boring Act 1 is and how extremely dull your character is and I always end up quitting. Just built an Assassin and got it to lvl 18 already. I'm not a fan of lightning but it's definitely more visually pleasing than pebbles, plus the dialogue is funny and entertaining that I actually start liking my character; which is an important step I couldn't get past with Consular.

On an even more personal note, the abilities description, visual cues, and audio cues were just more obvious to me as Assassin than Shadow. For example, Consular's Project would throw a boulder and then the mob would be stunned for a short time by leaning a little forward and standing still, while the Inquisitor's equivalent would have your target immobilzed, thrashing about, with lightning dancing across his body. I know it's right in the skill description that it does that but it didn't click for me that that skill can be actively used as a mini-stun until I played Assassin.

Both Jedi characters are so dull and have predictable dialogue.

But I really like the skill I saw for Shadow in it's progression video where she comes out of stealth throwing a vertically-spinning DBL. I really want that animation. Plus the spinning kick is just too cool.
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