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Here's all of my current characters, along with some connections between characters.

Synala: Level 50 Dark Side Jedi Guardian. Rival to Juliya and mother of Akessa and Quele.

Juliya: Level 45 Dark Side Sith Sorceror. Rival of Synala and mother of Kerress

Aiceus: Level 43 Light Side Mercenary. Older brother of Arvasem and Ridria and father of Juvai. Also an ally of Juliya.

Arvasem: Level 35 Light Side Sith Juggernaut. Younger brother of Aiceus and older brother of Ridria. Also father of Faine.

Ridria: Level 33 Light Side Jedi Shadow. Younger sister of Aiceus and Arvasem.

Kerress: Level 33 Dark Side Sith Marauder. Daughter of Juliya

Akessa: Level 32 Dark Side Vanguard. Daughter of Synala and older sister of Quele.

Faine: Level 30 Neutral Gunslinger. Daughter of Arvasem.

Quele: Level 18 Dark Side Sith Assassin. Daughter of Synala and younger sister of Akessa

Juvai: Level 9 Neutral Imperial Agent (Soon to be Operative). Daughter of Aice.

As far as possible future characters, I want to make a Cathar something but not quite sure yet. Also want to make a Sith Pureblood. Will probably end up rolling them on a new server.
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