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My apologies. As I was writing it I had a sudden change of thought and I did not proof read my post. However, you still haven't shown me how EAware is losing out of all this.
Just to be clear: the issue is with the account-wide version of extra cargo bay unlock not the per character version which you appear to be talking about. From what I have read people have exactly the same with the account-wide version of the inventory expansion unlock as well (which does the same thing but on a smaller scale).

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Go to Bastion Server and on the GTN buy an "Account Cargo Bay Access" it now please.
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People are selling the "cargo bay access" for 150K per unit on our serer.
This thread isn't about the cargo bay access items but rather the extra cargo bay unlocks (i.e. cargo bay expansion items). Specifically it is about the financial penalty imposed on your existing or new characters when you buy the account wide extra cargo bay slot.
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