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12.21.2012 , 09:46 AM | #4
Very interesting that you've had other characters open it pre-50 and received the comms... Your ideas about it being a republic character issue, or perhaps even more specifically a smuggler issue intrigues me. The lvl 42 character I'm holding on to 50 is an imperial character - and I'm nearly tempted to open it now. I think I'm going to play it safe (so as to prevent having to go through the ticket process again) in light of the experience you've had with your ticket. I really am thinking better safe than sorry...

If your ticket was closed, and we don't see a CS reply here soon, I'd suggest you go ahead and open a new one. I know the CS reps have mentioned in this section of the forums to not open multiple tickets about a single issue - but it strikes me that if indeed your previous one was simply closed (or even disappeared as you put it) then your only recourse is in fact to open a new one.

With the current high ticket volume, I have no doubt it could take a considerable amount of time, but again, at least in my case, they were ultimately able to solve this issue for me. As you say, it's not necessarily a super time critical issue, so perhaps no harm in starting early in hopes it's corrected before you hit 50. Good luck on getting this fixed.