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12.21.2012 , 06:14 AM | #3
I also had a sith warrior that I was leveling with friends, so he was staying low for a while. I started leveling him up solo recently and he got his coms upon hitting level 20 just fine. same with agent, who hit lvl 20 few weeks after getting her box - got the coms just fine (I can take screenshots later in a day - none of them are 50 yet). I almost wonder if the bug affects republic characters, or just smugglers. I do have a lowbie shadow I've been putting off for now that I can get to 20 to test this theory but that would take a few days.

and I was expecting to get coms manually, but my ticket was submitted a while ago and I never heard from customer service. it just... disappeared. I don't play this character much at the moment, so I didn't realize the issue (or the fact that ticket disappeared without being responded to) right away. so that's why I posted here.

hopefully, you are right and they will correct it at some point. I can wait. I just want to know that it actually WILL be corrected and wasn't just brushed off to be forgotten.