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A trend I've noticed over the past several months is that people are moving away from Juggs to Marauders.

I personally never liked Rage. It's -always- been good, but now it's extremely hard to convince anyone of the value of Vengeance... especially in ranked PVP. (Bioware: what are the numbers like on Juggernauts playing Vengeance in Ranked PVP? I'm assuming it's super low?)

So for some reason we saw Immortal got cut off at the knees. Why? I'm not sure... never saw anyone complaining about 31 spec Immortal damage the way I see 31 point tank Shadow/Assassin damage. <--- this really doesn't make any sense. Nevertheless, you did it. So how many people would say play a 'tank' Juggernaut in 31 Immortal spec? It's also broken.

As a result, I've seen more and more people move away from their juggs. There are some diehards, don't get me wrong, but generally people are seeing Jugg as having a bad tank tree (you MUST hybrid it in PVP to get the most out of your survivability which is WRONG for a tank tree. The damage is truly lethargic thanks to your changes.)

With Marauders (no this is NOT a NERF marauder thread) people see 3 valid PVP trees. All have their uses, and some are downright perfect for specific maps.

Bioware, I'm begging you to take a long look at Vengeance spec. Right now it feels like a neutered hybrid of Annihilation and Carnage.... an ugly, sibling of those trees. Bioware please take a look at how many Vengeance Juggernauts/Guardians are playing in ranked warzones.... I'm betting it's very close to where Arsenal Mercs/Commandos are sitting.

For the record I have all classes at 50. While I feel the Merc is the most lacking in PVP right now, Vengeance spec Jugg is my first class to 50 ( I think!) and it's WAY over due for some help. I also confess I'm one of the people who left the Jugg for a marauder. I got him to 50, and transferred the gear.

Is there any chance we could see something with Makeb and the new levels that will help some of the game's lackluster specs? I'd love to see some love for Vengeance.
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