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Oh for the love of...

NOTHING exclusive to the CE can be bought in that pack - the yellow/black crystal. The collectors book. The Statue. Certain ingame items that can ONLY be acquired by Collectors Edition players... what you can BUY is an upgrade from STANDARD to DIGITAL DELUXE edition by paying a few extra bucks.

What you get is the speeder and a few prettyful items that you have been able to get for 14.99 for MONTHS now by buying the DDE

Overreacting, much? They pay 10 bucks for the regular edition, then 4 to 5 more for an upgrade. They pay the SAME now that you pay for the 14.99 DDE that you can buy online. The Collectors Edition and DDE were MORE expensive at launch - but shock and awe, that's what we call MARKETING
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