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I actually believe it was 50 back when I first, first started but I never got anywhere close to it, when I had my human warrior on an entirely different account than the one I have now. That was back when having a character in the high 30s was something impressive. I quit, and rejoined the game some years later where I made my Tarutaru. Right now i'm waiting for the new expansion to come out, and kind of hoping they put in paid character re customization because after a few years I get tired of the way my dude looks.

Hope you join me for the new expansion. Really Aby didn't ruin the game, it just made it different and kind of hurts to think that old acheivements mean so little now. Good news is, getting 99 is still super hard due to the fight to beat Maat's teacher.
I haven't played in a year. Came back after couple years break to try it out. Didn't stop due to abys. Just felt like it was time to end it. Had 5 75s before abyss came out lol. Managed to get 2 to 80 in the couple months I tried abyss

It will always be my favorite MMO, but at some point, you just have to say goodbye to it