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To give you all a better idea of Makeb's scope, it's a planet of equal size to our larger planets and it contains a variety of areas sprawling mesas, underground caverns, garden estates, and more. It introduces faction-specific storylines, new Heroic missions and bosses, repeatable mission series, and new Datacrons! The 5 new levels will occupy players for a fair amount of time, and there's plenty of content to get you there (including a lot of stuff tucked away for the explorers out there). Keep in mind that this announcement is just the start as we approach Makeb's launch, you'll see more details about the content coming with Rise of the Hutt Cartel!
That does sound nice indeed. And i am most exited if there is actually some sandbox elements.
Also we really need a social area on Makeb with all the vendors we needso we can get away from fleet.