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Why is everyone that I group with either attacking separate targets, or the toughest ones? Is it in their mindset that this is the best solution? As a Tank, every time I join a group of PUGs I end up having to explain to them, please kill the weakest one first and then the stronger ones. But they don't listen, and the healer and tank have to struggle a bit.

It's not terrible, it doesn't lead to wipes in normal mode, but oh man are these folks going to have hard time in heroics later, and in their class stories and solo.
I never follow that playstyle, i attack whichever one the tank attacks.

But i have learnt from experience that attacking the weaker ones first, ends in disaster, since the strong/elite totally rips you apart before the weaker enemies are dead....but then i was on my guardian at the time and dps guardians tend to lack survivability, believe it or not.