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My main is a 50 sentinel and has been since I've been playing SWTOR. Recently, however, I've started playing a marauder so I can experience the other side of the story. And as I'm leveling up and doing all the quests, I keep thinking, "How can anyone take the empire seriously?"

I know this is Star Wars and other than Anakin and Revan most evil in the universe is pretty cartoonish. But just from a strategic standpoint, most of the thinking of the imperial officers, Sith Lords and Grand Moffs are beyond silly. I've heard a lot that part of the reason the empire has more players is because the stories are better.

Really? When?

Because even though I'm having fun playing my marauder, the writing is really after school cartoon quality. Maybe it's because I'm playing a Sith and not an agent or a bounty hunter. I hear that the IA story is one of the best in the game. While the Force users have really hokey stories.

I can believe that. Because as I said before, I'm left wondering how anyone can take the empire seriously at all.