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Too bad I can't let a DPS die on purpose (My personal skillcheck: Noone died=I healed well).
When I'm healing, I take it as a point of pride when I can explicitly refuse to heal someone (even refusing to use AoE heals) and still keep everyone else alive (i.e. I succeed when everyone I want to keep alive stays alive, rather than just keeping everyone alive). I've actually done this a few times when a DPS or a tank were pissing me off (some just by being annoying, others by simply being bad players) only to be called a "bad healer" when the rest of the group just laughs and points out that they've never dropped below 90% hp and haven't even seen me use an AoE heal at all, even on AoE intensive fights. I've actually gotten a few of these people to actually stop being rude, begin using proper target priority, and stop breaking CC this way: it's actually a lot easier in my opinion to encourage proper behavior with negative punishment as a healer than it is as any other role (if a tank doesn't tank an enemy, it almost always ends up punishing the healer rather than the tank, and it's not like DPS have any way of providing more than just verbal feedback to anyone else).
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