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Quote: Originally Posted by Aaoogaa View Post
Explosive shot reduced to 2 ammo cost
i assume you mean explosive round. a fine idea, not like it does much more than basic attack damage anyway.
Reactive shield bumped up to 50% damage reduction or on a 1 min cooldown.
both a bit much i think. uninterruptability during the duration i could certainly see though, and more generally a small adjustment to armor rating, namely a slightly greater advantage to heavy armor and slightly less gain from tank stance (coupled with the ability to shield tech/force), but i digress
Root on concussive charge knock back.
frankly i just dont like homogenized classes, and that's a slinger thing.
Cryo to 30 meters again.
agreed, only for commandos, and likewise sage stun (but not shadow) gets back range as well
Charged barrier bumped back to 10%.
if heavy armor doesn't make the difference that it should, this is a fine alternative
Stock strike knockback returned WITH the 4 second root.
i like the knockback, but again don't like the root, especially on such a short cooldown.
Sticky grenade add a 4 second root to it or add a web grenade.
again, roots aren't (or shouldn't be) a commando thing. this is the 'more firepower solves everything' ac. sticky is in a nice place right now, it's decent damage for being situational (on the run for mandos, at range for pts) and can be a lifesaver when used as a last gasp cap stopper or for pulling stealthers out
i'd like to add:
mortar volley slows affected targets and/or loses the minimum range

pulse cannon (talented, as part of stockstrike root/kb likely) places a stacking accuracy (and not just melee/range) debuff on affected targets. i like this because of the little dance it theoretically forces, rewarding the player who best controls movement to stay out of the channel/ keep enemies in the channel, or at least force the enemy to use an interrupt/stun on it instead of a more rotational move

concussion missile instant cast for arsenal

grav round 3 or 4% slow per stack, possibly as a replacement of the full auto one

the reduced cast time on avanced medical probe being separate from the HiB buff.

and of course the classics like disengage and threat dump forcing a loss of target upon near enemies
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