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My current Characters are: ( listed in order of creation)
Since i RP i decided to put a little bit of background info on my characters

Legacy: Tempeste

Lord Ra'shad: Male//Human// Sith Marauder// LVL 37// DS ( in story a fallen Jedi Knight)

Master Edis: Female//Human// Jedi Sage// LVL 50// LS ( in story a powerful Jedi master, with strong connection to the Voss. Also she is/was the wife of the Fallen Jedi Knight)

Captain Fallon: Male// Human// Smuggler// lvl 18// so far LS ( in story a black market salesman. not knowing he's the son of Master Edis and Lord Ra'shad)

Lord Mistrez: Female// Mirakula// Shadow Inquisitor// lvl 43// Neutral ( a dangerous, twisted soul who follows the teachings of Kreia/ Darth Traya, Also she is the Master of Lord Ra'shad)

Master Lycian: Male// Mirakula// Jedi Guardian// lvl 50// LS ( The direct rival of Lord Mistrez, their connection towards eachother remains yet unknown...)

Comming Characters:

Cryxl: Female//Human// Bounty Hunter// so far DS ( assigned to find and kill Captain Fallon)

Reeyna: Female// Hopefully Togruta// DS ( Captured by Lord Ra'shad, and trained to be his apprentice)